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March 15, 2022
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Thcmedgreenstore Premium Recreational Cannabis Dispensary

Cannatique exotic weed strains are Our dispensary’s number one safest blunt in the region, lab-tested cannabis products. We offer a convenient drive-thru, online ordering, and delivery options to make getting your favorite products easy

Exotic weed. Want to reap what you sow? We carry seeds so you can begin cultivating your favorite strains right at home. Or source for your cannabis in various formats, including seeds, flower, concentrates, edibles, topicals, and hydroponics. Exotic weed.

We are a group of cannabis enthusiasts with one goal in mind: To curate the finest menu of cannabis products available on the market today.

With several decades of experience in the industry,  it is well-equipped to service all of your cannabis needs. We focus on high-end, exotic flowers and extracts from some of the best growers and processors in the state. ​

We hand-select some of the most sought-after cultivators and extractors. We are purveyors of exotic cannabis, and pride ourselves on our never-ending hunt for the newest, most desirable flavors on the market.​

We LOVE cannabis, and our goal is to provide our customers the same joy that cannabis brings to us

Cannatique Exotic weed Strains

  • Cannatique lemon cherry gelato
  • lemon cherry gelato cannatique
  • cannatique runtz
  • red rum cannatique
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Cannatique lemon cherry gelato, lemon cherry gelato cannatique, cannatique runtz, rum cannatique, Lemon Cherry Gelato, White Zlurpee, Lemon Cherry Gelato.
White Zlurpee, Blueberry Cruffin, Town Jewels, Skywalker OG

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