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August 14, 2021
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Colors Carts

(4 customer reviews)


  • Lab tested
  • solvent free
  • 86-95% thc
  • Vitamin E free
  • 1gram cartridge
  • Premium refined live resin cartridge

Buy Colors Extracts online 

Colors extracts are one of the best California brands out at the moment, there are all lab-tested, solvent-free, Vitamin E-free. They are premium refined live resin carts and all come in 1g cartridges.

Colors Extracts flavors 

They have serval awesome flavors from India-based, Sativa and hybrid strains with the perfect blends to give the best high.

they include; Sour diesel | OG Skywalker | Hawaiian Punch | Hulk Berry | Bubba Kush | Kandy Kush | Purple Punch | Blue Dream | YEEE OG | LA OG | Super Haze | GSC | Banana Kush | Blackberry kush | Zkittles | Cookie kush | Green Crack | Cherry berry | Gorilla Glue

They come in packages of 25 each.

Colors carts verification 

They have a scannable barcode on where you scratch and scan on to verify the authenticity

Additional information

OG Skywalker, Hawaiian Punch, Hulk Berry, Bubba Kush, Kandy Kush, Purple Punch, Blue Dream, YEEE OG, LA OG, Super Haze, GSC, Banana Kush, Blackberry kush, Zkittles, Cookie kush, Green Crack, Cherry berry, Gorilla Glue, Full pack of 25 carts

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Colors Carts

  1. lizziet

    It’s not a bad strain but definitely not one of my favorites. My anxiety definitely went up rather than down and the high became more of waiting to come down rather than having a good time. that said, the high lasts a while.

  2. Martin chris

    love colors carts the THC carts oil burns fast bought a lot of fake but you guys are just the best legit products will probably come for more

  3. kingston

    This place always makes me feel at home! great people overall! from security, the front desk and who ever helps you! Snow Montana and Gary Peyton are my personal favorites! amazing place

  4. Amazing service

    it was really fast they where really helpful and we got in and out in less than 5 minutes….definitely coming back

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