What will happen to marijuana stocks once Pennsylvania’s governor signs a new cannabis law?

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Health Benefits Of Recreational Weed
August 17, 2022
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Safest way to Plant, Tend and Harvest Your Own Cannabis
August 17, 2022
What will happen to marijuana stocks once Pennsylvania's governor signs a new cannabis law?

What will happen to marijuana stocks once Pennsylvania’s governor signs a new cannabis law?


The Pennsylvania Governor has approved new marijuana legislation.

The Pennsylvania Governor is attempting to pass a bill to reform the banking and insurance industry for cannabis.

Beyond marijuana stocks, the sector as a whole keeps expanding and prospering. The cannabis industry has transformed over the past few years from being a taboo topic to one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative industries worldwide. Despite the cannabis industry still being in its infancy and development, significant progress has been accomplished. Numerous cannabis businesses are dispersed across the sector’s various regions. The ability of American states to adopt and develop their own cannabis laws and legal markets, however, is one of the largest successes.


Since then, whether for medicinal or adult use, more than half of the United States has legalized marijuana. More states are presently attempting to legalize marijuana by 2022. Additionally, a large number of politicians from all over the United States are fighting to pass federal cannabis reform. That is now one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome. Many cannabis businesses would be able to grow in ways that are currently prohibited by federal law if cannabis prohibition ended. However, the sector is in a good place and there is much more to be seen as innovation and improvement continue. This might benefit some of the top marijuana stocks on the market.

A Prominent Political Leader Approves a New Reform Bill

The Pennsylvania governor signed a bill on July 11th that would aid in protecting financial institutions. Insurers operating in the state who partner with legitimate, authorized medical marijuana businesses are also included. Tom Wolf, the governor of Pennsylvania, is in favor of legalizing marijuana. The Republican-dominated legislature gave him control over the legislation. This bill is nearly identical to a previous independent bill that was better before it was attached to a different measure.

Better Cannabis Reform Advocated in the United States

This specific type of banking reform was introduced to the Senate as a stand-alone bill in early 2022. A Home committee did approve the bill during its most recent meeting. Sen. John DiSanto (R), the primary sponsor, however, drafted an altered version of HB 311 that is currently being signed. This bill would allow specific financial institutions to run savings promotion programs.

The Pennsylvania cannabis legislation provides an excellent illustration of how states are approaching effective security for financial institutions in the proper way. As Congress continues to stall federal restoration, states such as Pennsylvania are moving to provide protections to financial institutions prepared to engage with the cannabis market.

The United States’s Cannabis Laws in the Future

As was already noted, numerous additional states are vying to join the legal marijuana market. Cannabis reform at the state level is progressing and, for the most part, is doing well. The fight over cannabis legalization at the federal level is still going on. The CLIMB Act was just proposed as a way to create a mechanism to access financing. These funds are intended for legitimate cannabis enterprises.

In order to “enable access to community development, small business, minority development, and any other public or private financial capital sources for investment in and financing of cannabis-related legitimate firms,” the CLIMB Act was specifically introduced. The first provision of the bill establishes a safe harbor to support this action.


Many people are still anticipating the outcomes of Chuck Schumer’s federal reform bill. Not only will the prohibition cease if it becomes law, but it might also spark a run on marijuana stocks. The push to develop cannabis banks and legalize or reschedule marijuana federally is still continuing strong as 2022 is halfway through. Nevertheless, there is much to anticipate. especially given that the cannabis industry’s future is looking bright.

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